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Welcome to my useful stuff page. With thanks to User:Angela.

As of Sunday, 26 November, there are 6,750,805 articles.

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Useful Pages

Requests for Adminship | Featured article candidates | Requests for comment | Requests for mediation | Nooks and corners of Wikipedia that should be frequented | Requests for arbitration

Copyright violation

Put this on a page with possible copyright violation;
{{copyvio|url=<place URL of allegedly copied material here>}} ~~~~


New users

Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. You might like to start by reading the [[Wikipedia:tutorial|]] and introducing yourself at the [[Wikipedia:new user log|new users page]]. If you have any questions, you can ask at the [[Wikipedia:Newcomers' help desk|help desk]] or on [[User talk:Ambivalenthysteria|my talk page]]. Two useful tips are that you can sign your name using four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>) and you can preview your changes before you save using the [[Wikipedia:show preview|]] button. You can regularly find new tips on the [[Wikipedia:Community Portal|]]. I look forward to reading your [[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|great articles]] and I hope you enjoy editing here and being a [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]]. :) ~~~~

or {{Opentask}}

Unregistered users

Hello and [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. Thanks for all your contributions. Why not [[Special:Userlogin|create an account]] so your user name will be attributed to your articles?

Here are some useful links in case you haven't already found them:
*[[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|How to edit a page]]
*[[Wikipedia:show preview|]]
*[[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|]]
*[[Wikipedia:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
*[[Wikipedia:Village pump|Village pump]]

I hope you continue to enjoy editing here . ~~~~

Users adding interlanguage links

Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to the English Wikipedia. Thanks for the [[Wikipedia:interlanguage links|]] you are adding.

Here are some pages you might find useful during your visit here:
*[[Wikipedia:Village pump]] (to ask questions)
*[[Wikipedia:Community Portal]] (community links)
*[[Wikipedia:Goings-on]] (recent events on the English Wikipedia)

There is also a vote on which order interlanguage links should be in that might interest you at [[Wikipedia:Language order poll]].



Some of the following are based on User:Sj/boiler and Mediawiki:test


Your test worked. It has now been deleted. Future tests should be done in the [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]]. Please see the [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome page]] if you would like to learn more about contributing here. Thanks. ~~~~


The contributions you are making are not helpful. Please bear this in mind before making further edits. If you would like to experiment, please use the [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]]. ~~~~


Please stop vandalising [[PAGE NAME]] or you may be [[Special:Ipblocklist|blocked]] from editing. Please read the [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] page if you are interested in contributing here. Thanks. ~~~~


Welcome to Wikipedia. Your contributions are very welcome. Your contribution to [[]], however, fell outside the bounds of a [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutral point of view]] and was removed. Please bear this in mind while making further contributions. ~~~~

More malicious NPOV

You are disrupting the peaceful operation of several Wikipedia articles. Those who purposefully and maliciously engage in edit wars are not welcome at Wikipedia. If you do not desist, you will be blocked from editing. ~~~~


Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. The article you created at [[ARTICLE NAME]] appears to be copied from WEBSITE. Unless you are the author of the original information and you are able to release it under the [[Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License|GFDL]] then the page will need to be deleted. Please see [[Wikipedia:Copyrights]] for further information. Even if this is a copyright violation, we would still welcome any original contributions from you. See the instructions on [[Wikipedia:how to edit a page|how to edit a page]] for more info. Thanks. ~~~~